Facebook Ads

Five Characteristics Why Facebook Ads? 登脸书广告的 5个特色?

1) More than 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook. 每月有超出20亿活跃用户在脸书上。

2) Ads tailored to your specific goals. 根据你的特定目标量身定制的广告。

3) Advertising on Facebook can show your ads on Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network as well. 在脸书上投放广告也可以在Instagram, Messenger 和Audience Network 上展示你的广告。

4) Facebook ads can be targeted to people by location, age, gender, interests, demographics, behavior and connections. 可以按位置, 年龄, 性别, 兴趣, 人口统计, 行为和人脉将脸书广告定位到人群。

5) Set reasonable budgets. 设定合理的预算。

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